"Dark Paradise" - Fine Art Print 暗黑天堂輸出畫


"Dark Paradise" - Fine Art Print 暗黑天堂輸出畫

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"The Dark Paradise" 暗黑天堂

Acrylic on canvas

This is a big painting I did while I was living in Oregon and preparing to come to the New York Art Expo.

這幅畫是我在奧瑞岡準備來紐約Pier 94 做展覽時完成的36" X 48"大幅的作品!

I wanted to show the strong emotions that I was feeling at that time...


The traditional Chinese characters in the background says "Mask", I felt that we always need to wear a mask to fit in this world. Many faces in this painting are based on the traditional Chinese opera. Including joy, anger, sadness , happiness...like our life we experience all of these emotions...


The lotus is based on an old saying that describes the flowers growing from the mud but they don't get polluted by the environment.

For me that is symbolic because we live in this chaotic world but we need to remind ourselves to keep our hearts pure.


The gold paper is god and ghost money that we burn to pray for the peace, hope, and wealth...


Because the society we live in, even we need to wear the masks sometimes, but remind ourself to be honest ,be good and keep hope alive That will lead us to the better future in our life.

因為不論身處在什麼樣的社會,即使為了適應而必須戴上面具,但提醒自己保持拿如蓮花一般的心,也祈禱著並敦促著自己通往更美好的未來!✨ (Original 36" X 48")

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  • 17" x 22" limited edition of 100, Hahnemuhle Fine art smooth matt paper, 308 gsm, signed and numbered

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