Preorder- "The Door to the Infinite Dream"


Preorder- "The Door to the Infinite Dream"


"The Door to the Infinite Dream" 


  • This is the fascinating story of a girl named Jade that battles the beast of childhood, explores magical landscapes, and transforms herself to become the master of her destiny. 

  • 這本書是關於一個名叫翡翠的女孩的魔幻旅程。如何戰勝她童年的野獸,探索魔幻的國度,和轉變她自己成為自我命運的主人。 

  • In this world she faces monsters that live without and within, meets historical figures that guide her through the labyrinth of life,  and discovers doorways that lead her to the Infinite Dream.

  • 在這個世界裡她將面對許多怪獸生活在她的內心裡和外,她也在旅程中遇到了歷史的古老智者帶領她走出人生的迷宮,並尋找那一扇扇門引領她到那無限的夢之中。

  • This one of a kind beautifully designed art book will be filled with magical stories of transformation, philosophical insights, powerful quotes, artistic borders,  and colourful and thought provoking artwork.

  • 這是一本獨一無二且美麗設計的藝術書。書裡會有奇幻的故事、哲學思想、智慧的名言、藝術設計邊框、全彩且有思想含義的藝術作品。 

    Estimated Delivery Time: June 2019 預計運送時間 2019年6月
    The Kickstarter Link You can see the video of the book and some more details about this project in the link, but you only can order it here on my website! Thank you so much! :)

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