God Money-Madness of Money 瘋狂金錢


God Money-Madness of Money 瘋狂金錢

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God Money - Madness of Money 瘋狂金錢

  • Archival pigmented inks provide beautiful vivid colors.

  • Giclee fine art print is rated to last 120-200 years.

  • 8.5" x 11" open edition, signed.

  • 13" x 19" limited edition of 100, signed and numbered

  • 17" x 22" limited edition of 50, Hahnemuhle Fine art smooth matt paper, 308 gsm, signed and numbered

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Madness of Money

人們對於瘋狂追逐著金錢、權力的追逐時時刻刻上演在都市叢林的社會。 This is about people becoming obsessed with money and power. This is a drama that happens everywhere in our jungle society. 第五大道上金光閃閃的奢侈品牌、開車跑車帶名錶的男人、拿著愛馬仕包包當武器的女人。這個城市充滿了塞滿了所有的慾望,連在這呼吸都充滿了奢華。 The shining luxury brand everywhere in the Fifth Ave, men drove sport car and wear prestigious watches, Hermes bags and Chanel clothes are these women's weapons. The city is stuffed with objects of desire. Even when you breathe, you breathe in the sumptuous desire. 畫面中的品牌圍繞著金色的核心,兩側畫有白色的龍鱗線條,這些品牌在這個社會中是一種盔甲,裝飾自己所想要的尊敬,用品牌金錢分出貴賤,貴族制度並沒有在現代社會中消失,反而存在於另一種形式-瘋狂的金錢! Many different luxury brands surround the gold leaf. The two sides of the black border have the dragon scale pattern, this is symbolic of armor in today's society, to decorate yourself in the way you want people to admire and respect you. The wealth separates people into different levels, then we realize the Aristocratic system still exists, they just changed to another form- "Madness of Money". 底層的多數人幻想著有天也能有金字塔頂端的生活,電影、廣告、音樂推廣著這樣的美麗生活。糜爛的美麗。外在鍍著金箔掩蓋著許多不為人知的秘密,透過那被大品牌撕裂的傷痕,穿透那一針一線也許你也會看見背後空洞而虛偽,但...也許這也是一種美,不是嗎? On the bottom are the majority of people that can only dream about one day being at the top of the pyramid. The movies, advertisements, and music all promoting this kind beautiful life. The decadence of beauty. The external covered with gold , with many secrets hidden behind. You can see through from the scars ripped by the big brands, then you might notice the emptiness and the hypocritical, but....maybe that is another kind of beauty, isn't it? 這件作品是表達出一個現實的狀況,一個我所身處社會中 This is a work that tells a sobering story about the society we live in.

Archival ink art print:
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