Sharing My Soul

Sharing My Soul
I had a great connection with many new friends at Mana contemporary open studio.
I shared my life stories and some people were very surprised that I couldI be so honest about myself. I said, I have to admit, this is a very difficult thing , not easy at all. I have been through the darkest time in my life this year.While I was in the middle of a painting, I faced all of the darkest and most beautiful parts of myself . I almost lost my mind ,I walked on the edge of death. But I conquered my fears and succeeded. I read the story of my soul, , that is also why I can share all of me . I no longer have anything to hide.
我分享了我人生的故事。有人會很驚訝為何我能過如此誠實的看待自己? 我說,我必須承認這真的是件非常非常非常不容易的一件事。因為我今年經歷我一生最低潮的時刻,我在作畫的過程面對了我所有過去最黑暗也最美麗的自己。我差點承受不了失去理智。我經歷了死亡的邊緣。但我戰勝了、超越了,因此我閱讀了真正的自己,也才能在這裡袒露所有的我。毫無保留
Being an artist I always felt I had to be very pure. I felt I needed to be like a goddess in a way. Why? Because that is how society think artists should be . Either very saintly , or very crazy , Wild , alcoholic or many lovers....
Then I realized , yes I was lost before, I hurt others and myself. These parts of me look dirty but they are all part of me. The kind and pure part of me are also me. I have desire, and yes I am also content. The world is not just black and white . There is no real angels and demons.These are two sides of the same coin.All the things we thought “negative “- fear,jealousy...all lead us to the place where we want to be.
We are all born to suffer, but we need to find the beauty in the suffering .All of my art , no matter what form it is, Is all based on the same philosophy.
I was so surprised that most people could really understand my story. I couldn’t believe that two little girls they could understand as well...Many new friends were moved and