"Inner Journey" 向內的旅程

This year I started my “Inner Journey" series of artwork.
I realized that the things we can not see, does not mean they don’t exist.
Like energy, feelings and emotions.

I have also made great changes within myself and my relationship to art.
I began to accept the voices that have been deep inside me.

When I was painting these works, there was a great difference between the works that I had specifically visualized in the past. In doing this work, I don't want to imagine any story that I want to tell. I only focus on the necessary brush strokes, rhythms, and lines of the moment; I only use the colors that speak to me in the moment.
It may sound strange when I focus all of my attention in the present. Every moment, which gives birth to seemingly random lines, unfolds to become the story of a magical journey through life.
It is as if the canvas and I had become one.

I created a red stamp signature that captures the moment for each painting, because every minute and every second in life, we are changing. Today I am a different person then I was yesterday. So I painted my red stamps each day unique to where I am at that moment.

I am from Taiwan and my roots are from the East, but now I have transplanted this garden of myself into New York. Nowadays, I synthesize Eastern and Western cultures. I use the philosophical thinking of the East and combine it with the abstraction of the West.

Each of us has two worlds within us. A visible outward journey and invisible inward journey. Traveling between the two worlds is “A Door to the Infinite Dream