Orange Li was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She thought she always had a normal life. Her father didn't want a daughter, but a he decided to sell her. Luckily her grandparents stopped him and chased him away, so Orange Li is still here.

    This early trauma grew into a strong feeling for feminist issues and always leads her to think deeply about the meaning of life. She found that creating art she could be truly free to share her thoughts. When she was around 6 years old she loved to draw monsters.  She used the fears like an anesthesia to drown out her pain. Now, as an adult she has learned to use the anger and sadness to transform the monsters so they would become her allies.

     Orange Li's art is unrestrained but also introverted. Her art is a hybrid of Asian and Western elements, filled with the philosophical, historical, and psychological ideas. 

 The journey through gloomy , heavy topic which then breaks free with the vitality and power of color in her works. Maybe it is a commentary about society, or possibly it is the diary of Orange Li.

Her art is heavy but delightful, sad yet beautiful.

"I only paint what I have seen, what I have experienced. and what I have felt. Art for me is the philosophy of finding myself."-Orange Li

 2016, Orange Li moved to USA from Taiwan and opened a art studio/gallery in  Oregon.
 2017, She moved to Brooklyn, New York.