Orange Li was born in Taipei, Taiwan and currently resides in New York. She studied art in Florence, Tokyo and New York City.

Orange Li 's art is unrestrained but also introverted. Her art is a hybrid of Asian and Western elements, filled with the philosophical, historical, and psychological ideas. It is somehow a sociological experiment that takes us on a voyage into the darkest and most beautiful caverns of the Soul. The journey takes us through a gloomy, heavy topic which then breaks free with the vitality and power of color in her works. Her art is heavy but delightful, sad yet beautiful.

Her father didn't want a daughter, but a son...so he decided to sell her. Luckily her grandparents stopped him and chased him away, so Orange Li is still here. This experience had a big impact on Orange, which led her to dive deeply into a philosophical search for the meaning of life. As an artist she discovered that she could be truly free to explore the complexities and intricacies of a life and synthesize them into unique and powerful dreamlike imagery. Her work captivates audiences and pulls them into a magical landscape which flows equally through physical realities and the invisible worlds of the soul.

Orange has had international success with paintings being sold and commissioned to collectors throughout Asia and the Americas.

“I dig out everything from my soul. From the dirtiest to the best, and then I become everything.”-Orange Li