Orange Li was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Her father didn't want a daughter, but a son...so he decided to sell her. Luckily her grandparents stopped him and chased him away, so Orange Li is still here.

This early trauma grew into a strong feeling for feminist issues and always leads her to think deeply about the meaning of life. She found that in creating art she could be truly free to share her thoughts.
As an undergraduate, Orange studied Economics at Soochow University in Taipei, Taiwan. 

With money she made from opening a chain of jewelry stores, she was able to pursue a deeper level of art. She studied oil painting and sculpture at the Accademia D’Arte, in Florence, Italy. She also studied jewelry making and design with the master Alessandro Dari in Florence, Italy. 

Orange spent time learning high end enamel techniques with the master Kunio Nakajima in Tokyo, Japan. Later when she returned to New York she continued studies at the Art Students League in NYC.

Orange lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.